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Preached At Title
The Rapture 2018-06-03
The Blessings Of Praying In Tongues
YC2018- Day 5 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
Bridal Love
YC2018- Day 4 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
Ending Your Struggles In Life
YC2018- Day 3 / Speaker: Apostle Rafael Ga Carillo
Healing The Sick, Who's Work?
YC2018- Day 3 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
God's Perfect Plan In Our Lives
YC2018- Day 2 / Speaker: Pastor Timothy Joseph Bacsafra
Fulfilling the Mandate
YC2018- Day 2 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
Living In The Victory Through Obedience 2018-05-13
Why We Must Fast & Pray 2018-05-10
Transcending In Prayer 2018-05-09
God Gives Us The Burden To Pray 2018-05-08
God Said, Do Not Limit Me 2018-05-06
Obedience, The Key To Victory 2018-05-01
Understanding The Miracles Of Jesus Christ 2018-04-29
The Great Physician 2018-04-22
The Reason Why They Received Their Miracles 2018-04-21
Your Problem Is Finished 2018-04-19
Jesus Came To This World To Give Us Victory 2018-04-18
Revealing Jesus Christ 2018-04-15
Manifesting God's Power & Glory 2018-04-14
The Reason Why God Saved Us 2018-04-08
Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World 2018-04-01
Raising Godly Children 2018-03-30
Fill My Cup Lord 2018-03-29
Marriage Must Be Honored By All 2018-03-29
The God-Pleasing Family 2018-03-28
Perfection 2018-03-25
The Heart of God 2018-03-25
We Make Things Happen 2018-03-18
Apostles Are Coming 2018-03-13
The Greatest Holy Spirit Invasion 2018-03-13
Prayer For The Nation 2018-03-12
Moving With God 2018-03-12
Why Obey God? 2018-03-11
God is a God of Signs, Wonders & Miracles 2018-03-10
Our Best For God 2018-03-04
Expectation 2018-02-25
God Has Declared The Destiny of the Nations 2018-02-23
God Lives In You 2018-02-18
Born of God 2018-02-17
The Enemy of the Cross of Christ 2018-02-11
One Husband 2018-02-10
The Mandate 2018-02-04
Perfecting the Bride 2018-02-03
Prayer & Open Heaven 2018-01-28
Concentration 2018-01-26
Obedience & Open Heaven 2018-01-21
Why Preach The Gospel? 2018-01-19
Jesus, The Healer 2018-01-14
Don't Be Stuck Up! Full Blast! 2018-01-07