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Preached At Title
Believe God And Receive Your Miracles
ORAS NG HIMALA in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya (Day 2)
Confronting The Enemy
ORAS NG HIMALA in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya (Day 1)
Why Faith In God?
ORAS NG HIMALA in Tuguegarao City (Day 2)
The Answer
ORAS NG HIMALA in Tuguegarao City (Day 1)
According To Your Faith You Will Receive
Sunday Centralized Service
Why Not All?
Sunday Miracle Service
The World Is Waiting For Us 2018-08-25
Time Is Running, Jesus Christ Is Coming, What Are You Doing?
Sunday Centralized Service
Preparing The Nation For God's Visitation 2018-08-18
Removing The Mountain
JIOSWM- Singapore Chapter 4th Year Anniversary
Jesus Asked, Why Do You Worry?
JIOSWM- Tokyo, Japan 1st Year Anniversary (Day 2)
Why Faith In God?
JIOSWM- Tokyo, Japan 1st Year Anniversary (Day 1)
Lord, Teach Us To Pray 2018-07-29
Love Never Fails 2018-07-28
Ending Your Struggles 2018-07-25
A Thousand Times Increase 2018-07-22
The Key To A Worry-Free Life 2018-07-19
Prayer Is The Key 2018-07-18
We Are Overflowing 2018-07-15
In God's Time 2018-07-14
Knowing Jesus 2018-07-13
We Must Save Them From The Fire Of Hell 2018-07-08
The Key To Being Like Jesus 2018-07-02
Our Future Is Greater Than Our Past 2018-07-01
Abiding In Christ 2018-06-24
The Father 2018-06-17
Our Citizenship Is In Heaven 2018-06-15
The Things That Will Take Place In Heaven After The Rapture And Before The Second Coming 2018-06-12
The Church Is The Only Power That Can Destroy The Works Of The Devil 2018-06-10
The Rapture 2018-06-03
The Blessings Of Praying In Tongues
YC2018- Day 5 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
Ending Your Struggles In Life
YC2018- Day 3 / Speaker: Apostle Rafael Ga Carillo
Bridal Love
YC2018- Day 4 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
Healing The Sick, Who's Work?
YC2018- Day 3 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
Fulfilling the Mandate
YC2018- Day 2 / Speaker: Apostle Renato D. Carillo
God's Perfect Plan In Our Lives
YC2018- Day 2 / Speaker: Pastor Timothy Joseph Bacsafra
Living In The Victory Through Obedience 2018-05-13
Why We Must Fast & Pray 2018-05-10
Transcending In Prayer 2018-05-09
God Gives Us The Burden To Pray 2018-05-08
God Said, Do Not Limit Me 2018-05-06
Obedience, The Key To Victory 2018-05-01
Understanding The Miracles Of Jesus Christ 2018-04-29
The Great Physician 2018-04-22
The Reason Why They Received Their Miracles 2018-04-21
Your Problem Is Finished 2018-04-19
Jesus Came To This World To Give Us Victory 2018-04-18
Revealing Jesus Christ 2018-04-15
Manifesting God's Power & Glory 2018-04-14
The Reason Why God Saved Us 2018-04-08